Zach and Tori Roloff Bid Farewell on Little People, Big World Finale

It’s the end of a precious, endearing, very long-lasting era.

On Tuesday night, TLC aired the latest season finale of Little People, Big World.

And while the fate of the show remains high up in the air, the fate of two key cast members has already been decided:

Zach and Tori Roloff will not be returning tot he reality series.

Roloffs on Little People, Big World
The Roloffs on Little People, Big World here on the show’s season finale. (TLC)

“We are done. That part of our lives, that chapter has closed,” said Tori Roloff on a recent episode of her and her husband’s podcast, confirming their departure from Little People, Big World.

Zach later made it sound as if the pair’s contracts have expired… and neither the couple itself nor network executives are interested in a renewal.

“We’ve made it pretty clear,” added Zach on this same podcast. “They haven’t asked us back technically.”

To their credit, both Zach and Tori were very candid about the basis for their departure, with the former stating simply a few weeks ago:

“This last cycle was rough between the family, the farm deal, and we were done with it. We’ve moved on.”

Zach Roloff speaks to the confessional camera on Little People, Big World in an April 2024 episode.
On the Season 25 finale of Little People, Big World, Zach Roloff describes where things stand with his father. (Image Credit: TLC)

Zach was referring here to a feud with his dad, Matt Roloff, that dates back nearly two years now.

The rivalry started back in May 2022 when Matt listed 14 acres of his Oregon farm for sale, angering Zach because the father of three felt as if his own dad didn’t give him a fair chance to purchase this property.

Zach proceeded to trash him as a coward and a manipulator after Matt pushed back against this summary of events.

The relationship hasn’t been close to the same since.

On this season (series?!?) finale, Zach went ahead and doubled down on his hesitancy to forge a further relationship with his father.

“When it comes to my dad like yeah, I don’t know dude, like that ship’s all sailed. Like there’s not much of a relationship. It’s just doing our own thing. Time maybe even it out, but everything will be healed. It’ll just — it’ll be different,” he said.

Tori, Zach and their kids for TLC
Tori, Zach Roloff and their kids for TLC. (TLC)

Overall, however, he seemed more focused on his immediate family: wife Tori and, specifically, his three young kids, all of whom were born with his same type of dwarfism.

Our family’s going to stand out, our whole life. You know, Tori being my wife and I’m her husband, me being short, her being tall, and our kids being short,” Zach explained in a confessional.

“Our family’s going to always probably stand out but it’s something you just kind of get used to. Sometimes it’s annoying.

“We get sensitive sometimes, we make sure our kids are well-behaved because we do feel like we’re being watched.”

Tori confessed that it can all be “hard” at times.

Matt, Amy, Zach and Tori Roloff
Matt, Amy, Zach and Tori Roloff are featured in this TLC promotional photo. (TLC)

It’s all been worth it for the husband and wife, of course.

“Growing up on the farm, I spent a lot of time outdoors and I definitely want that same experience for our kids,” Zach lamented on air.

“The [family] farm was part of my life and it’s not gonna be part of our kids’ lives the same way it was mine. No one’s holding grudges, no one’s intentionally not going to the farm. There’s just no interest. The kids don’t ask.”

To mark the pair’s final scene on the series that made them famous and fairly rich, Tori noted:

“I think that we’ve created a life here that I don’t think could have been created anywhere else.

“I think we’ve found an independency and we’ve found just our own space. This is all ours and it has nothing to do with anyone else.”

For the record, TLC has not yet revealed the fate of Little People, Big World.

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