Will She Ever Return to Royal Duties?

Kate Middleton might not return to “normal” duties, even after her cancer recovery.

Unless she makes a surprise appearance during one of the UK’s goofier events, Kate Middleton may remain largely unseen until 2025 or beyond.

The Princess of Wales’ ongoing cancer battle requires a tremendous amount of time, energy, and recovery time.

But royal insiders wonder if Kate will ever step back into her previous level of royal activity.

Kate Middleton on December 9, 2023.
Catherine, Princess of Wales attends The “Together At Christmas” Carol Service at Westminster Abbey on December 08, 2023. (Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

According to Prince William, Kate Middleton is ‘doing well

In May, Prince William told a hospital administrator in the Isles of Scilly that Kate was “doing well.”

At the time, it was a casual conversation. He also talked about his children and more.

However, his allusion to Kate’s ongoing recovery is consistent with the overall royal message. Following Kate Middleton’s cancer reveal in March, all of the official statements have pushed the idea that her chemotherapy treatments are merely a precaution.

Kate Middleton in late December of 2023.
Catherine, Princess of Wales attends the Christmas Morning Service at Sandringham Church on December 25, 2023. (Photo Credit: Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

As spring has continued, Kate has been showing off signs of apparent recovery. Witnesses have spotted and even photographed her running errands, sometimes with family and sometimes alone.

Given the royal family’s immense wealth and resources, most interpret these to be PR stunts. Kate does not have to leave her home to purchase a blouse or shop for groceries; she goes out into public because she wants people to see her doing so.

This certainly drives home the impression that she is doing better these days. Is it true?

Kate Middleton on December 5 of 2023, wearing gold.
Catherine, Princess of Wales meets with guests during a reception for members of the Diplomatic Corps at Buckingham Palace, in London, on December 5, 2023. (Photo Credit: JONATHAN BRADY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

How is Kate Middleton’s recovery really going?

According to what an inside source recently told Us Weekly, Kate Middleton’s recovery is allowing her to continue acting as a mother to her and William’s children. Which is a little more reassuring than running errands.

“Kate’s feeling strong enough to be very involved with the kids,” the insider assured.

The source characterized: “She’s been an active parent.”

Kate Middleton flashes a smile on December 5, 2023.
Catherine, Princess Of Wales attends the opening of Evelina London’s new children’s day surgery unit on December 05, 2023. (Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

“Kate’s recovery is going well,” a second inside source described.

“She’s not able to see many people because she is susceptible to getting sick,” this second insider explained.

“And they don’t want her compromised,” the source reasoned. “But she’s up and about.”

Her royal duties remain out of the question

Kensington Palace has already confirmed that Kate Middleton will not be attending rehearsals for the Trooping the Colour ceremony. (Trooping the Colour is a categorically absurd celebration of the reigning British monarch’s birthday)

The same entity that has so eagerly thrown Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle under the bus time and time again leapt to Kate’s defense, emphasizing her need for “space and the privacy to recover.”

Meanwhile, the second inside source told Us Weekly that Kate’s team is “reevaluating what she’s going to be able to take on when she comes back.”

Kate Middleton in late November of 2023.
Catherine, Princess of Wales during her visit to Sebby’s Corner on November 24, 2023. (Photo Credit: Frank Augstein – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

According to that insider: “She may never come back in the role that people saw her in before.” Not even when Charles (eventually) signals that things will return to normal, apparently.

“The announcement that the royals won’t be able to work as much has been unexpected, but it will allow Kate and William to spend more time together,” that same source explained. “They’ve been reconnecting and are closer than ever.”

The insider reiterated: “Her role may look very different. She’s looking at what it will shape into.”

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