Why Prince Harry’s Name Dropped In Diddy Sex Trafficking Lawsuit

Prince Harry’s name is entering the bombshell chat, as new details surrounding the sex trafficking lawsuit against Diddy are coming to light.

After just learning his sister-in-law has cancer from TV while also facing deportation himself, the former royal now finds himself mixed up in a serious case involving the famous rapper.

How and why? Let’s dive in.

Harry attends Invictus Games on February 15, 2024 in Whistler, British Columbia. ((Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images))

Prince Harry Named in Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Sexual Assault Lawsuit

There are just some times when you don’t want to be name dropped.

Like, when a certain media mogul is being accused of sexual assault and trafficking.

As you well have heard by now, Sean “Diddy” Combs is under investigation after being accused of just that.

Producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones filed a $30 million lawsuit against the music mogul in February 2024. He alleges Diddy participated in acts such as sexual misconduct, grooming and sex trafficking.

In court documents published by several media outlets, Prince Harry name appears alongside other A-lister “affiliation.” 

To be abundantly clear, Harry is not accused of any wrongdoing; rather, he is being used as an example of the level of celebrity associated with Diddy and his parties.

Diddy rubs elbows with a young Prince Harry and Kanye West at Wembley Arena in 2007 during A Concert For Diana. ((Photo by CARL DE SOUZA / POOL / AFP) (Photo by CARL DE SOUZA/POOL/AFP via Getty Images))

“Mr Combs was known for throwing the ‘best’ parties,” the court documents read. “Affiliation with, and or sponsorship of Mr Combs’ sex-trafficking parties garnered legitimacy and access to celebrities such as famous athletes, political figures, artists, musicians and international dignitaries like British royal, Prince Harry.”

Again, nowhere does it say that Prince Harry was involved or had any knowledge of anything sinister happening at the parties.

Prince Harry’s Partying Past

It’s not clear how many times Prince Harry partied with the media mogul in his youth.

It’s well documented that the young royal, along with his brother Williams, attended the Concert for Diana: Live at Wembley Stadium July 1, 2007 to honor their mother’s 46th birthday.

Prince William and little brother Prince Harry meet up with rappers Kanye West and Sean Diddy Combs after a Concert for Diana event in 2007. ((Photo by CARL DE SOUZA/POOL/AFP via Getty Images))

The six-hour long extravaganza included performances from Elton John, Lily Allen, Kanye West, and even Diddy himself.

Photos of the Diddy and Prince Harry meeting backstage show the pair smiling and enjoying the good time.

But that’s where the story ends, as far as we know. All allegations of wrongdoing are made against Sean, not Harry.

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