Why Did She Dump Amos Andrews?

Meri Brown is back on the market.

As you may have heard, the long-time Sister Wives star broke up a few days ago with Amos Andrews, her lover of about four months.

Brown issued a lengthy statement on Instagram regarding the split, writing in part:

“It takes courage to face difficult truths, yet it’s imperative in order to remain authentic to yourself and your commitment to personal growth.”

Meri Brown speaks her truth
Meri Brown is looking here into the camera and admitting her relationship is over. (TLC)

How true.

But also how… mysterious, right?

Fans had expressed some concern over Andrews because he had been married four previous times and had also experienced some financial hardships.

Did these personal issues play a role in Meri’s decision to end the romance?

Yes, says one somewhat reputable source.

Meri Brown Sister Wives pic
Meri Brown has moved on, at last, from Kody. We wish her the best going forward! (TLC)

“Amos’ reputation getting out was a huge issue,” an insider now tells The Sun, making it seem as if Meri was concerned about blowback to the romance.

But Brown allegedly had actual problems with Amos, too.

“Meri realized he wasn’t so ambitious as her and wasn’t a go-getter,” this individual added.

“He didn’t have a stable job and that was one major red flag.”

Kody and Meri Brown split screen
Meri Brown is at last free from the control of Kody Brown. (TLC)

Considering the debt-laden state in which Meri’s ex-spouse, Kody, often found himself in… it would make sense that this would be an especially sensitive topic for Meri.

“Meri is looking for financial support and someone who can support her goals and help her become successful,” the Sun concluded.

“She won’t settle for anything less. She is not settling and wants to do better than the other sister wives.”

That may be a challenge because Christine Brown is very happily married to David Woolley these days, but we suppose a bit of healthy competition can be, well, healthy.

Meri Brown Prepares a Response
Meri Brown looks a little bit confused when asked a question here by the host of the Sister Wives reunion. (TLC)

Meri wrapped up her breakup announcement on Insatgram as follows:

I honor and care about the past four months, who I spent it with, and what I learned about myself through it. I know what’s important to me in a relationship, and I’m confident in myself while I’m single as well.

For now, I’ll continue to look into my future with the hope of new opportunities and the confidence of continued personal growth.

This is a time in my life to prioritize me, my well-being, and my personal evolution, and I look forward to more adventures and experiences on this journey we call life!

Meri and Kody Brown Poster
Meri and Kody Brown are featured on this Sister Wives poster. They don’t really get along any longer. (TLC)

We continue to wish Meri the best of luck in her personal and romantic journey.

At the very least, she ought to take comfort in knowing that anyone she chooses can’t be worse than Kody Brown, from whom Meri finally split in January 2023.


That guy is the worst.

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