Whoopi Goldberg Defends Kate Middleton Photoshop Fail Scandal

It’s not every day that Whoopi Goldberg defends Kate Middleton.

The royal family celebrated UK Mother’s Day with a fake family portrait starring Kate Middleton.

The frankenphoto, an amalgamation of other pics of the Princess of Wales and her kids, has earned widespread mockery. Especially after a claim that Kate personally doctors the photos.

However, Kate has someone unexpected in her corner. In a clip that you can watch below, Whoopi Goldberg says that what happened is no big deal.

Whoopi Goldberg speaks directly on The View.
On The View, Whoopi Goldberg spoke up to defend Kate Middleton and the royal firm after the Princess of Wales’ infamous 2024 Mother’s Day photoshop fail. (Image Credit: ABC)

Kate Middleton has a scandal

On Sunday, March 10, Princess Kate Middleton shared a dubious family photograph on Instagram. It showed obvious signs of digital tampering.

Of all of the royal faces, only Prince George’s face did not receive some sort of obvious editing. Digital experts and hobbyists alike pointed it out, multiple publishers refused to run the pic, and Instagram itself flagged the doctored portrait.

Kate explained the phony photo on Twitter, claiming that like other “amateur photographers” she, personally, experiments “with editing.” The image of the Princess of Wales hunched over a computer to edit her children’s looks earned a lot of scoffs on social media.

On a March 11 episode of The View, cohost and acting legend Whoopi Goldberg spoke her mind.

“I’m sorry, I know very few people who don’t manipulate their own photographs,” she remarked to the audience and fellow panelists.

“All you’ve got to do is swipe, none of those people look like they’re supposed to look,” Whoopi argued when it comes to people on social media in general. “She’s doing the same thing.”

Sunny Hostin on The View on March 11, 2024.
In March of 2024, The View cohost Sunny Hostin did not see eye-to-eye with another cohost. (Image Credit: ABC)

Not everyone defends Kate Middleton the way that Whoopi Goldberg does

Sunny Hostin questioned the idea of the “future queen” personally “taking selfies with her family,” let alone editing them herself.

Whoopi disagreed, taking Kate’s word for it.

“I have to tell you, she may be the future queen, she’s still an amateur photographer,” the acting legend countered. “That’s what they do.”

Whoopi then took on a slightly facetious tone, telling her cohosts: “I’m sure none of you have ever tampered with your own.”

She then continued: “It doesn’t change the fact that she said, ‘Listen, I manipulated the pictures, I’m sorry.’”

Whoopi went on to quip that everyone would be “in jail for the rest of our lives” if it became illegal to edit one’s own photos.

Whoopi Goldberg on The View.
Whoopi Goldberg appears on The View in 2024. (Image Credit: The View)

Was Whoopi right to defend Kate?

This is a complex matter. Because, in a vacuum, someone who’s essentially a country’s very expensive mascot editing a family portrait is nothing. It would be, at worst, cringe.

But given the widespread conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s extended seclusion, it was ill-timed. It was awkward.

And, as people have pointed out, there’s a double standard under which Meghan Markle would never have gotten away with a photoshop fail.

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