Who is the Lovebird on ‘Masked Singer’? Identity, Discussed

The judges of The Masked Singer season 11 clearly have taken a liking to The Lovebird, but who is under the mask?

The new season of the undercover reality show premiered on March 6th, and fans were introduced to the first line up of contestants: Lovebird, Ugly Sweater, Goldfish, Starfish, and Book.

Of the Lovebird, the only clue judges had to go on was that under the mask hides a “leading man”.

So, who could it be? Let’s discuss!

Lovebird in the season 11 premiere episode of THE MASKED SINGER (Michael Becker / FOX. ©2024 FOX Media LLC.)

Who Is The Lovebird on ‘Masked Singer’?!

The Lovebird was one of five contestants introduced to the judges in the premiere episode.

After his performance, the panel was clued in that under the massive bird head was a “leading man” accustomed to taking center stage.

While you would think that the tip would suggest someone who was an A-List actor or TV superstar, two of the judges had other ideas.

“When I think of hot leading men, I think of Travis Kelce,” guessed Ken Jeong after the performance.

A murmur of agreement and approval radiated around the room, as Ken continued to make his case.

“He had his own dating reality show, Catching Kelce, of which I was a big fan. I never missed an episode. But Travis has caught the eye of some amazing starlets, most notably Taylor Swift. I know, right? Hubba hubba!”

Newcomer Rita Ora agreed with Ken that a football star could be the fellow under the feathers, but she had a different dude in mind.

“The only football player that I know is somebody that’s very easy on the eye, he was the lead of his own reality show, which makes me think leading man, the clue: Odell Beckham Jr.”

Ken pivoted his answer to join her from there. “He’s got the exact same color hair as OBJ,” Ken quipped of Lovebird.

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs waves to fans after defeating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 during Super Bowl LVIII (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Is Travis Kelce The Lovebird On ‘Masked Singer’?

As much as we would LOVE to tell you that this is true, we come baring bad news.

As longtime fans know, Masked Singer is not performed live – expect on rare occasions, like last season’s premiere.

Because of that, we know that this season was filmed in September; that’s why Nicole Scherzinger is missing. She landed a role in the musical Sunset Boulevard in London’s West End and could not do both.

But back to Travis … as the show filmed in fall of 2023, there would literally be no way that Travis could’ve fit performing on The Masked Singer into his schedule. He was way too busy being in the middle of the football season, killing it on his way to the Super.

In fact, that goes for any active football player, so no Odell either.

Goldfish in the season 11 premiere episode of THE MASKED SINGER. (FOX)

‘The Biggest’ Reveal in ‘Masked Singer’ History

Guesses for the Lovebird’s identity aside, longtime judge Jenny McCarthy teased ahead of the premiere that minds were about to be blown by some of the reveals, including the first contestant unmasked.

“When [redacted] was unmasked, we freaked out,” she told EW of the big moment.

“I couldn’t wait to call everyone I know. And then I realized I can’t call anyone I know. Everyone’s going to have to wait until the show happens, because we don’t want to blow this one. It’s that big and that good.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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