When Does the Hulu Series Premiere?

Vanderpump Villa is coming out very soon, but fans are eager for details on the new reality show.

Even with Vanderpump Rules facing a boycott by its own fans, there’s no stopping Lisa Vanderpump’s reality TV empire.

She’s no longer limiting herself to Bravo, either. Lisa has broader aspirations.

The debut season beings in spring of 2024. Here are all of the details that we know.

Lisa Vanderpump wears pink in the Vanderpump Villa trailer.
Lisa Vanderpump appears front and center in trailers for Hulu’s Vanderpump Villa. (Image Credit: Hulu)

What is ‘Vanderpump Villa’ about?

The Vanderpump Rules spinoff, Vanderpump Villa, is a new reality series that follows a staff that Lisa Vanderpump personally selected.

They will not only work at the titular French villa, Chateau Rosabelle, where they attend to wealthy guests, but will also reside there. The dramatic potential is palpable. (Seriously, imagine at the Pump Rules cast also lived side-by-side?)

As you can imagine, this attractive bunch will be serving guests in these luxurious accommodations … but they’ll also be engaging in romances, clashing through rivalries, and various hijinks will certainly ensue.

Three Vanderpump Villa cast members pose while
The servers pose dramatically on the trailer for Vanderpump Villa. (Image Credit: Hulu)

Who are the Hulu reality show’s cast members?

Stephen Alsvig and Gabriella Sanon are the events coordinators, Anthony Bar is the executive chef, Marciano Brunette is the lead server, Caroline Byl is the sous chef.

Grace Cottrell and Emily Kovacs are housekeepers, Priscila Ferrari and Hannah Fouch are servers, Eric Funderwhite is the chateau manager, Telly Hall and Andre Mitchell are mixologists.

Rest assured, Lisa Vanderpump herself is lending more than just her name to this project. We’re sure that this cast of characters is going to give her more than her share of headaches as she evaluates whether to make this “pop up” experience a permanent enterprise.

Why is ‘Vanderpump Villa’ airing on Hulu?

Amidst the announcements of this exciting spinoff, many have asked why this isn’t airing on Bravo or E! or Peacock — all NBCUniversal platforms where Lisa’s other projects air.

There have not been many answers. Very likely, it’s about money, in terms of salary or the show’s budget, or possibly about how much control Lisa can have. We don’t know for sure.

But we should note that this is not her first project on the Disney side of the corporate aisle. Pooch Perfect airs on ABC.

Two cast members of Vanderpump Villa appear in a screenshot, labeled
The mixologists pose in the extended trailer ahead of the series premiere of Vanderpump Villa. (Image Credit: Hulu)

When does ‘Vanderpump Villa’ premiere?

This question has a nice, easy answer!

Not only does Vanderpump Villa premiere on April 1, 2024, but we have more details than that to offer.

The first three episodes (which will of course air on Hulu) will drop on the same day. No, it won’t be an April Fool’s Day prank — just enough to give people a real taste of the show and hook some viewers.

Vanderpump Villa's trailer shows two cast members surrounded by kitchen-related details. They are labeled "The Chefs."
“The Chefs” appear on the extended Vanderpump Villa trailer. (Image Credit: Hulu)

Until we have all watched the premiere, we won’t know the exact vibes of the show.

Even so, many expect a fusion of Vanderpump Rules with Below Deck in a “Downton Abbey servants but it’s the 2020s and everyone’s hot” setting.

One nice Vanderpump Villa detail that we can all look forward to: none of Tom Sandoval’s toxic nonsense. This series will have its own villains.

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