Tyler Baltierra Threatens to Divorce Catelynn Lowell!

In a word?


In two words, that may really be just one hyphenated word?


Tyler Baltierra is angry
Tyler Baltierra is NOT happy in this screen capture from the Teen Mom Family Reunion trailer. (MTV)

On Wednesday, MTV released its first look at Teen Mom: Family Reunion Season 3, a series on which spouses Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell play critical roles.

At one very notable point in this trailer, the stars get into a heated confrontation. A VERY heated confrontation, we should emphasize.

“F-ck you for making me feel unworthy,” Tyler appears to yell at his wife, even adding later on:

“If I don’t get my needs met, we’re divorced.”

Tyler and Catelynn on a red carpet
Tyler and Catelynn were high school sweethearts who are now married. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images for MTV)

The footage has raised many questions about Baltierra and Lowell, who started dating in middle school and got married in 2015 after they welcomed two kids.

As a couple, they have been through A LOT.

“If someone were to ask me if I’m happy in my marriage, I would say absolutely not,” Tyler confessed to his therapist back in 2019, for example. “And I haven’t been for a couple of years.”

The husband and wife later tried a one-month separation during which they lived apart — but did not date other people.

Both sides later said the trial made their romance stronger.

Catelynn Lowell on air
Catelynn Lowell reacts here on Teen Mom: Family Reunion Season 3. (MTV)

Tyler and Catelynn have also suffered through multiple miscarriages, along with wild rumors about Tyler’s sexuality.

Some started by Catelynn’s sister, no less!

So… has all the stress and tension finally gotten to these MTV personalities?

As teased in the aforementioned preview, is their marriage at last over?

Catelynn Lowell vs. Tyler Baltierra
This is a split screen of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra on MTV. (MTV)

It sure doesn’t sound that way right now.

Shortly after this Teen Mom clip went viral, Catelynn wrote the following on Instagram, along with a selfie of the pair:

“Beyond BLESSED to call you mine!!. No seriously when I look at my life you are a gift and gave me so much in this crazy world!”

She wasn’t done gushing over her husband, either.

“Thank you for loving me the way you do and being my rock!” concluded Lowell.

“I love you!!! @tylerbaltierramtv I couldn’t have wished for a better partner and baby daddy.”

There we seem to have it, huh?

It’s important to remember that Teen Mom episodes are typically filmed MANY months before they air, meaning that Tyler and Catelynn may have been in a tiff that has since been resolved.

Producers also may have just edited certain scenes to make it look as if problems existed… when, in reality, the spouses were doing just fine.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell on Set
Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are pictured here on the set of a Teen Mom reunion special. (Photo Credit: MTV)

For the most part, Tyler and Catelynn have always stood up for each other. It’s been very inspiring, actually.

The stars famously gave up their first daughter, Carly, who is now 14, for adoption.

They welcomed their second daughter, Novalee, in January 2015 … about eight months before they walked down the aisle.

Tyler and Catelynn also share daughters Vaeda, 4, and Rya, 2.

This same recent Instagram post, meanwhile, also included a video of Baltierra pushing them on a gondola ride as his wife enjoyed herself.

“Babe, If anyone is a gift in this life…it is YOU! I love you beyond measure!” he responded to his wife’s lovely tribute.

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