The Duggars to Be Exposed AGAIN on Shiny Happy People Season 2

As you may have unfortunately heard of late, it’s possible that the Duggars soon make a return to reality television.

We cannot confirm at this time whether or not that will be the case.

We can, however, report that another series about the Duggars is on the way — from the same folks who so gloriously exposed this family and its unusual religion last summer.

Shiny Happy People shed a lot of light on the effed up Duggar family. (Amazon)

Back in the middle of 2023, Amazon Prime released Shiny Happy People, a documentary that centered on the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP), a religious cult (some might say) founded by Bill Gothard.

This is the same cult (some might say) whose rules and strict regulations were imposed on all 19 Duggar children by their parents, Jim Bob and Michelle.

“The IBLP teachings aren’t Christianity,” a woman says at one point in the program. “They’re something entirely different.”

The series also featured interviews with Jill (Duggar) Dillard, Derick Dillard and Amy (Duggar) King’s involvement… all of whom shed more light than ever before on the belief system held by Jill’s polarizing parents.

Jill, for her parent, said she was made to feel that saying no to her father was akin to saying no to God — and also said she was forced to give birth on camera.

Jill Duggar and Derrick Dillard speak here as part of a documentary
Jill Duggar and Derrick Dillard speak here as part of a documentary on their family. (Prime Video)

“IBLP and the teachings draw in people, like my dad, who want this control. It can foster this cult-like environment,” Jill said on camera. “I absolutely think people would be drawn to that.”

Now, in the wake of the popularity of Season 1, it has come out that Amazon is moving ahead with Shiny Happy People Season 2.

According to a video posted by @itsrowsdower on Instagram, new installments of the program are currently filming in Georgia.

Just to be clear, though, Amazon has not yet made any sort of announcement.

Shortly after the release of Shiny Happy People last year, Cori Shepherd Sterns — one of the docuseries’ executive producers — assured fans in a Reddit AMA that there was plenty of material to do another season… if given the opportunity arose down the line.

“Go to Amazon Prime Video on all socials and beggggg! We have SO much more to tell!” Cori told fans, adding that she would likely include more coverage of the Duggars’ IBLP pals, the Bates Family, in a new season.

In an interview with The Sun, meanwhile, Cori also claimed there was a lot of unused footage from Season 1 that she would like to see on Season 2.

“There is more incredible stuff to come,” she said back then.

“It was hard to decide what to leave behind. There was a lot of discussion about like, ‘Oh, we can’t cut that. How can we cut that?’ It wasn’t left on the cutting room floor.

“We carefully picked it up and set it aside, hoping for exactly this moment, exactly for this kind of success, so that we can make an argument that the world needs more.”

Jill Duggar breaks down here while recounting her difficult upbringing. (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Within nine days of its release in 2023, the four-part docuseries reached more viewers than any other Amazon docuseries in history.

Despite Jim Bob and Michelle condemning the project.

Or maybe because of it.

“The recent ‘documentary’ that talks about our family is sad because in it we see the media and those with ill intentions hurting people we love,” these terrible people said in a statement last June.

“Like other families, ours too has experienced the joys and heartbreaks of life, just in a very public format.

“This ‘documentary’ paints so much and so many in a derogatory and sensationalized way because sadly that’s the direction of entertainment these days.”

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar for Shiny Happy People.
On the “Shiny Happy People” documentary, Jill Duggar tried to convey the complex emotions that she still feels towards her horrible parents. Husband Derick Dillard was by her side. (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

They concluded at the time:

“We have always believed that the best chance to repair damaged relationships, or to reconcile differences, is through love in a private setting.

“We love every member of our family and will continue to do all we can to have a good relationship with each one.

“Through both the triumphs and the trials we have clung to our faith all the more and discovered that through the love and grace of Jesus, we find strength, comfort, and purpose.”

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