‘Spaceman’ Ending, Explained: Was Hanuš Real?

If you’ve just finished watching Spaceman, you may need the ending explained. 

Netflix dropped an ambitious project in March 2024: a dramatic, sci-fi epic starring normally funny man, Adam Sandler. 

Despite receiving less than favorable reviews, many people were eager to check out the film and decipher its deeper meaning. 

Oh yeah, it’s a thinker, all right. Settle in. 

Poster for the Adam Sandler movie, ‘Spaceman’ (Netflix)

‘Spaceman’ Plot

In Spaceman, based on the novel Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfař, Adam Sandler plays Jakub, an astronaut adrift in the cosmos.

Part sci-fi epic, part love story, the movie follow’s Adam’s astronaut character is on a six month solitary mission on the edge of the solar system. He sets out learn more about this giant purple cloud that’s been creeping towards Earth for years. 

Desperately lonely, Jakub starts to become concerned about the marriage he left behind. As he starts to consider that their relationship won’t survive his trip, he meets a mysterious giant spider-like alien known as Hanuš (voiced by Paul Dano).

Turns out, Hanuš is a creature from the dawn of time with special abilities to help Jakub find his way, showing him fantastical visions that allow him to work through some serious issues in his life.

Jakub and Hanuš obviously become friends, but this is no buddy flick; this is a deep dive into a man dealing with his mental health and marriage. 

Director Johan Renck, Carey Mulligan, Isabella Rossellini, Kunal Nayyar, and Adam Sandler speak during Netflix’s “Spaceman” LA Special Screening. ((Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix))

‘Spaceman’ Ending, Explained

The whole movie is rather, well, a bummer to be honest. While Jakub carries on to a mystical, alien spider about his troubles, his wife is back on Earth, pregnant and ready to book it for the door. 

In short, he fears she’s going to leave him – and he’s right. 

He continually treats her badly, even from space, continually choosing his passion and work over his family. 

But thankfully, with the help of Hanuš, Jakub realizes that he has been selfish, but more importantly, he realizes that he can change.  There’s a great line that Hanuš tells Jakub, “Everything is permanent, yet nothing ever is.”

But at the end of Spaceman, Jakub nearly dies when he exits the spaceship to save Hanuš, who we should point out may not even be real.

Yet, in doing so, it shows that Jakub is ready to put others ahead of himself and thankfully, he’s rescued by the Koreans also in space and gets a second shot at life with his wife.

HanuÅ¡ is voiced by Paul Dano in the film ‘Spaceman’ (Netflix)

Was Hanuš Real?

Honestly, that’s completely up to personal interpretation. 

Because Jakub is alone on his mission, there’s no one else around to confirm if the giant alien spider that hails from the depths of the universe giving him life advice is actually there or not. 

Most likely, Hanuš is a brainchild of Jakub’s imagination and conscience. A vision affording him the opportunity to visualize and talk through his issues while being totally alone. 

Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan attend Netflix’s “Spaceman”Special Screening at The Egyptian Theatre. ( (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix))

Sandler & His ‘Spaceman’ Role

Adam is most often associated with his comedic roles, and perhaps rightfully so. He’s a man nothing short of a comedic genius when it comes to character acting and the almighty “bit”.

But in recent years, Adam has sunk his teeth into more dramatic roles. Uncut Gems, which is also on Netflix, is perhaps his most famous. Many thought he would be nominated for an Oscar for the role (he was not.)

But he’s starred in a number of dramatic films to date. Some good ones too: Hustle, The Meyerowitz Stories, and Funny People are all worth checking out. 

Spaceman streams on Netflix on March 1, 2024.

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