Savannah Chrisley Teases New Family Reality Show

Savannah Chrisley is trying to be optimistic. About her family’s future, but also about their reality TV careers.

Following her parents’ incarceration, Savannah Chrisley has balanced raising the alarm about prison conditions with having to become a parent to her brother and niece.

In a new interview, Savannah opened up about what this new reality has been like.

She also expressed her hopes that a future reality series will showcase her parents’ homecoming.

Savannah Chrisley wears black in an all-white podcasting room.
Savannah Chrisley wears black in early February 2024 while speaking on a podcast. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Savannah Chrisley hopes for the best

As she has expressed many times on her podcast, Savannah Chrisley hopes that parents Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley will not have to serve their full prison sentences.

She’s not suggesting that she wants to see them pull off a dramatic escape. Instead, she’d like to see her parents win their appeals.

To that end, there has been some relatively good news. In 2023, the Chrisleys scored an appeals win of sorts, with the court agreeing to hear oral arguments. That is statistically unusual, and seems to indicate that their appeal is receiving real consideration.

During Savannah’s recent interview with Juju Chang, Savannah Chrisley discussed her role as a guardian to her brother and to her niece. She also shared her optimism about her parents’ release.

Savannah also expressed one specific goal that she’d love to have play out when Todd and Julie come home.

She wants the family’s new reality show cameras to be there to capture the reunion.

Savannah Chrisley wears a red jacket in a white room. Her hairstyle suggests someone twice her age.
Wearing a red jacket, Savannah Chrisley speaks on the “Unlocked” podcast in early 2024. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Savannah Chrisley has more reality TV aspirations

As Juju Chang noted on ABC, Savannah “hopes that a new show about her family down the road would feature her parents getting an early release from prison.”

This is actually not the first time that we’ve heard discussion of a Chrisley reality TV comeback.

That’s a complex topic. Not everyone wants that — including people who object to the sentences that Todd and Julie have received.

Savannah Chrisley speaks on a podcast.
Savannah Chrisley talks here about her parents during an appearance on a podcast. (Image Credit: YouTube)

In August of 2023, a press release and Savannah herself vaguely announced a new reality series starring the Chrisley family.

We don’t know much at all beyond that it’s through Scout Productions. The network, release date, and more were not part of the announcement.

If the show is going to follow Savannah’s role as guardian to her teen brother and tween niece, that could see a real audience. Especially as Todd and Julie’s predicament weighs down upon the family.

Savannah Chrisley wears a hat and speaks on a podcast.
Wearing a vibrant orange jacket and a seemingly ironic hat, Savannah Chrisley speaks on her podcast in 2023. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Not everyone wants to see a new Chrisley reality series

Even though Todd and Julie Chrisley received stunningly harsh sentences for financial crimes that lacked clear victims, they don’t seem to be good people. Similarly, though they are victims of our deeply flawed carceral system, they are not sympathetic victims.

That means that some people don’t feel sorry for them at all. And others don’t necessarily want to see them receive another reality series, even if their sentences ended tomorrow.

At the same time, those who would like to see this new reality series happen point out that it would likely center upon Savannah and other Chrisleys, not Todd or Julie. They are not their parents.

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