Robyn & Kody Brown Selling Coyote Pass? Latest On Ownership

Does the Brown family still own Coyote Pass?

Sister Wives fans aren’t exactly fans of Kody Brown these days – if they ever were.

In fact, folks have been trashing Kody in the wake of his breakups, reality show antics, even his relationships with his children following the tragic passing of his son, Garrison.

With so much change going on with the family of the last few years, some are wondering what has become of the family’s property on Coyote Pass.

Kody and Robyn Brown don’t look especially thrilled to be sitting and talking to the Sister Wives camera here, do they? (TLC)

Discussion of a Brown family compound on the property in Arizona has been ongoing for years, yet many fans and even family members are skeptical that it will ever happen. 

Here’s the latest known about Coyote Pass.

Coyote Pass: Where Is It & Which Brown Family Members Live There?

The Flagstaff, Arizona, property started with land plots that fit multiple homes, and is where the Browns — including and his four partners, Janelle, Christine, Meri, and Robyn – planned to develop so each could live close to one another.

The goal was to bring the best of their lives in Utah and Las Vegas all together in one place.

Sadly, this never really came to fruition. Within a 14 month period, Kody went from having four wives to one, with Christine, Janelle, and Meri all ending their romances with him.

A Sister Wives poster
The cast of Sister Wives poses here for a promotional poster. (TLC)

In 2023, during the latest season of Sister Wives, fans learned through conversations with the family that the property has still not been paid off, and that several family members no longer live on the land.

Christine gave Kody and Robyn her portion of the property in exchange for the value of her home when she left him in 2021.

As far as we know, Meri still has two and Janelle has four.

The latter made it clear in that last season that the strain of owning the property was getting to her. Fans watched as she purchased an RV to live on the land, since a home has yet to be built. In one episode, she even lashed out at Kody for putting her in this position.

“I have nothing financially. I am tied up in this property. Everything, as far as my estate goes. Any kind of savings, money, and everything is tied up in this property.”

Kody and Robyn interviewed during Christine’s wedding special (YOUTUBE/TLC)

Did ‘Sister Wives’ pay off Coyote Pass?

As of 2024, there is still money owed on the property, despite strides to get it paid off.

Kody and Janelle jointly paid off $340,000 on their Coyote Pass property, according to the Deed of Release and Full Reconveyance obtained viewed by In Touch.

In addition, another plot in Robyn’s name that was purchased for $170,000 has also been paid, according to documents viewed by The U.S. Sun.

Originally, the Brown family purchased four parcels of land on Coyote Pass in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2018 for $820,000.

So, there’s still some work to be done.

Will The Family Sell Coyote Pass?

The answer to that question is … complicated.

In the aforementioned episode, Kody declared he’d keep and take on the property with Robyn, despite the family falling apart.

Fans believed at the that Kody likely also placed himself in charge of spending and doling out the family’s Sister Wives funds.

It’s not just that people have seen this before (as with the Duggars), but that the Apostolic United Brethren considers it to be customary for men to control family finances. (The thing about gender roles is that they fundamentally do not make sense.)

Christine Brown appears to be having a laugh here at the expense of Kody Brown.
Christine Brown is laughing at Kody in this photo. That’s what we choose to believe. (TLC)

And the Browns registered a family company in Nevada by the name of Kody Brown Family Entertainment, LLC. He listed all four wives as “members.” Fans suspect that this was the vehicle through which TLC paid the family.

How much did TLC pay them? Potentially, tens of thousands per episode. Across 18 seasons and over 200 episodes, we’re looking at several million dollars.

Those millions went into the family’s bills and expenses and, of course, into funding Kody’s big dream for Coyote Pass.

However, now that Kody is no longer married to the other three wives, he does not have 5 paychecks to manage, only his and Robyn’s.

It’s rumor that TLC will no longer make payouts directly to Kody for everyone in the family and that his exes are receiving their cuts of the proceeds from the show.

And it’s likely that Kody’s exes aren’t eagerly sending him money to help with bills and stuff. He’s part of their past.

This may be part of why Kody and Robyn might leave Coyote Pass before too long. Can they actually afford to stay on the property without all five incomes?

Meri Brown on the new season of Sister Wives
Meri Brown being interviewed during Sister Wives, season 18. (YOUTUBE/TLC)

Kody’s Side Hustle

In 2023, the Kody and Robyn launched Dabsark Entertainment, LLC.

The name of their Flagstaff-based entertainment company is an acronym for Kody and Robyn’s initials, along with those of Dayton, Aurora, Breanna, Solomon, and Ariella.

However, there’s no real info if the income from this will be enough to supplement the payments needed to pay to keep the property.

Garrison Brown and his mother, Janelle.
Garrison Brown and his mother, Janelle, on Sister Wives. (TLC/Youtube)

The Future of ‘Sister Wives’

The real decision on the future of Coyote Pass will likely come from the decision on the future of the reality show.

While Christine has said the new season is in production, others have suggested that the show will be cancelled after the family tragedy.

As you’ve very likely heard by now, Garrison Brown is dead at the very young age of 25.

The son of Sister Wives cast members Janelle and Kody, Garrison reportedly committed suicide via gunshot wound on March 5.

Could a season 19 even happen after his death? Could the family bear to film again? And if they don’t, will they have enough income to sustain keeping Coyote Pass?

Important questions that need answering for a grieving family.

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