Mama June Shannon Shares Why Anna Cardwell Entered Hospice

Mama June Shannon is explaining why daughter Anna Cardwell stopped her cancer treatments before the end.

While Anna Cardwell’s loves one grieve her loss, Mama June: Family Crisis viewers have watched the late reality TV personality’s final months of life.

Anna was only 29 years old when she passed away. She was a mother.

Not everyone understands why she chose to enter hospice. Mama June shares that even her medical team took some convincing.

Mama June Shannon, Anna Cardwell, and Lauryn Shannon sit and talk.
On Mama June: Family Crisis, Anna Cardwell discusses her cancer treatments with sister Lauryn Shannon and mother June Shannon. (Image Credit; WEtv)

June Shannon lost her daughter, Anna Cardwell, in 2023

Mama June Shannon spoke to E! News in a Thursday, April 11 interview.

Anna Cardwell stopped her cancer treatments in 2023 — treatments featured on Mama June: Family Crisis — and entered hospice before passing away.

“I think she was just over it,” June explained. “She just wanted to spend her last days doing what she wanted to do.”

Anna Cardwell speaks to the confessional camera while undergoing cancer treatments.
Speaking to the Mama June: Family Crisis confessional camera, Anna Cardwell explains a family spat. (Image Credit; WEtv)

On December 9, 2023, Anna Cardwell passed away. It had been less than one year since she received her Stage 4 adrenal carcinoma diagnosis. She was only 29 years old.

“It was difficult watching her have to go through chemo,” June expressed.

“Having to go through radiation and having to do immunotherapy,” she recalled. “And then trying to get into hospice long before we actually could.”

Mama June Shannon wears thick eyelashes on a 2024 episode of Mama June: Family Crisis.
On Mama June: Family Crisis, the titular June Shannon speaks to the confessional camera. (Image Credit: WEtv)

Ultimately, Anna Cardwell was done fighting

June characterized Anna as a “feisty one.” Even in her final days, she recalled, it took some doing to get approval for hospice care from her medical team.

“Watching her try to say, ‘OK, I’m done with treatment, I just want to live the rest of my life the way I want to live it,’” June described.

According to her: “They wouldn’t listen.” Not at first, anyway.

Anna Cardwell eats ice cream on a 2024 episode of Mama June: Family Crisis.
While undergoing chemotherapy treatments and more, Anna Cardwell appeared on Mama June: Family Crisis episodes that filmed in 2023 and aired in 2024. (Image Credit; WEtv)

In the wake of Anna Cardwell’s tragic passing, June received custody of Kaitlyn, Anna’s eldest daughter. Anna’s ex, Michael Cardwell, took custody of 8-year-old Kylee.

“I tell Kaitlyn all the time, ‘I’ll never replace your mother,’” June acknowledged in her recent interview. Very true! “I say this all the time, but Kylee shouldn’t have to be raised by Kylee’s dad. I shouldn’t be raising Kaitlyn.”

She then affirmed: “Anna should be here raising her children. It’s not fair for any of us that Anna’s gone, especially for her children.”

Mama June Shannon sits with Anna Cardwell.
Both Mama June Shannon and Anna Cardwell discuss the latter’s cancer treatments during Mama June: Family Crisis. (Image Credit; WEtv)

‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ follows Anna Cardwell’s cancer battle

In accordance with Anna Cardwell’s wishes, Mama June: Family Crisis recorded her final days and the cancer battle that led her to hospice care.

We are certain that it is painful for the family as they relive these moments. Viewers witnessed Anna’s cancer battle for the first time.

But they will one day be grateful that cameras captured so many family moments by which to remember Anna. Her daughters will be grateful for that, too.

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