Levi Wright, Son of Rodeo Star, Dies After Tractor Accident

Truly devastating news this week out of the sports and entertainment industry:

Spencer Wright and his wife took their three-year old son, Levi, off of life support on Sunday… not long after the toddler suffered a brain injury in the wake of driving his toy tractor into a river.

The incident took place back on May 21.

Kallie Wright and Spencer Wright with their son Levi.
Kallie Wright and Spencer Wright with their son Levi. (Facebook)

Family friend Mindy Sue Clark confirmed the passing of Levi on Facebook.

“I cannot even begin to explain how hard the last two weeks have been,” Clark wrote in a June 3 post.

“From the moment my phone rang the night of his accident, to last night receiving the message that he had to go. I don’t want to focus on the bad or sad, even though it feels like someone ripped my heart out and squeezed it right in front of me.”

Mindy went on to praise the community who rallied in support of Levi, saying on this same platform:

“I want to focus on the many miracles we all got to bear witness to in those 12 days.”


Levi was placed in critical condition after the aforementioned accident.

His mother, Kallie, previously shared an update on June 2 that the family would be “letting him go” very soon, explaining:

“After several sleepless nights, lots of research, multiple conversations with the world’s best neurologists & millions of prayers we are here in the face of our biggest fear.

“Levi showed us just enough to buy us time for all of this,” she continued. “We prayed those things were him defying odds & proving to us that he wanted to stay here but we see now he wanted to give us time to find peace with letting him go.

“I told you my baby was thoughtful & considerate, I truly believe he did that for us.”

Kallie and Spencer also share a five-year old daughter and a nine-month old son, both of whom are pictured along with their late sibling in the Instagram photo posted by their dad directly above.

Concluded Kallie over the weekend:

“I find comfort in knowing he will be restored to the perfect little boy he was & have the ability to do all the things he loves!

“I know there are Angels up there waiting to hold him until I can again! We will miss him every second of every day down here but feel without unwavering doubt this is the best thing we can do for him!

“We love you baby beans and I can’t wait till the day you can ‘work the ground’ with me again.”

For her part, Clark wrote the following via Facebook after Levi was taken off life support:

“He brought so many people together. In a world so dark, we got to see light at the hands of a child. He’s everything his mom and dad could’ve wanted him to be.

“I am so thankful for all the time I got to be his ‘aunt Mindy.’ That is a blessing I will never be able to top.”

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