Kody Brown Family Tree: Explained, Very Confusing!

At this point in his life, Kody Brown’s family tree is very simple:

He’s married to Robyn Brown and, well… that’s it.

Robyn has been Kody’s only legal wife since 2014, although he was in a spiritual relationship with Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown until the latter walked away in November 2021.

And then the other two did the same over the following couple of years.

Kody Brown here on Sister Wives
Kody Brown is likely saying something selfish in this scene. (TLC)

Kody also has 17 children between these four women, with one of them tragically taking his own life in March.

Of late, meanwhile, Sister Wives fans and viewers have become increasingly curious about Kody’s background — how/why, exactly, does one become a polygamous?

Especially when Kody has never come across as the most religious person in the history of the world?

As it turns out, Kody’s dad, Winn, had three spouses at the time he passed away in 2013.

Kody Brown opens up here on the final Sister Wives episode of 2023.
Kody Brown is trying not to sound like a jerk in this scene. (TLC)

These sister wives were named Genielle, Bobbie and Sheryl; with the first listed being Kody’s biological mother.

In what may come as a shock to a handful of observers, Sheryl is actually Janelle’s mother… which means that Kody was spiritually married to his step-sister.

(Janelle’s biological father passed away in 1972, when his daughter was only three years old.)

“My sweet mother returned to her heavenly home a week ago today,” Janelle wrote in late 2020 on Instagram, adding back then:

“I’m not sure you ever completely expect it, even though they have been sick for awhile. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the many small miracles that happened that allowed my sister and I to be with her at the end.

“We believe in the eternal nature of families and so ‘see you’ again mom.”

Janelle Brown appears unhappy on Sister Wives.
Janelle Brown appears on a 2022 episode of Sister Wives. (Image Credit: TLC)

Overall, Kody grew up in a family with several brothers and sisters — nine in total.

The reality star has five sisters and four brothers, one of whom died on August 24, 2013.

Kody doesn’t often talk about this family history; nor does he even say very much about his ongoing family drama, refusing to say almost anything in public about the three spouses who have gone their separate ways from him over the past few years.

After son Garrison committed suicide this winter?

Kody Brown ponders life in this photo
Kody Brown ponders life in this photo from Sister Wives. (TLC)

Kody attached his name to a message posted by Janelle, simply saying at that tragic time:

“Kody and I are deeply saddened to announce the loss of our beautiful boy Robert Garrison Brown.

“He was a bright spot in the lives of all who knew him. His loss will leave such a big hole in our lives that it takes our breath away.”

As far as we can tell, Kody has not issued any statement on this awful topic since then.

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