Josh Duggar to Be Punished in Prison for Illegal Contraband?

According to a brand new report, life may soon get worse for Josh Duggar.

How awful, right?

We’ll wait for readers to wipe their tears away and somehow go about their day in the wake of this devastating news…

Josh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug Shot
Josh Duggar is hoping to get out of prison. (NBC)

As you likely are aware of by now, Josh Duggar is serving a 151-month sentence for child pornography charges in FCI Seagoville near Dallas, Texas.

His attempt to appeal this ruling was overturned in October, meaning the former TLC personality will absolutely serve out the duration of the sentence.

It came down many months after a jury of Duggar’s peers unanimously determined that he had downloaded sexually explicit photos and videos of children under the age of 12.

By all accounts, Josh is a pretty awful human being.

Josh and Anna Duggar on the now-defunct TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting.
Josh and Anna Duggar on the now-defunct TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting. (TLC)

This is all a preamble to say the following:

The U.S. Sun just revealed that inmate in Josh’s unit has been busted with contraband, which means that Josh and the other prisoners could face a harsh punishment.

No, Duggar himself did not do anything wrong in this instance, but:

“They got a new warden at Seagoville, and she’s been posting notices about contraband saying that if contraband is found in one cell in one unit, the whole unit will get shut down and lose privileges,” explains a Sun source.

“Josh’s building got shook down this week and they found a bunch of contraband. I know they found a bunch of alcohol.

“No word on whether the mass punishments have ensued… but it would most likely be taking away phone and email privileges.”

Josh Duggar Cries
Josh Duggar cries on 19 Kids and Counting. Why, we don’t recall, but as a sorry excuse for a man there could be a great many reasons. (TLC)

As you might recall, Duggar did get himself in trouble just about a year ago when he was caught with a cellphone in jail.

The disgraced reality star was thrown in FCI Seagoville’s SHU — which stands for Special Housing Unit, more commonly known as solitary confinement — at the time and remained there for at least a couple weeks, we believe.

Anna and Josh Duggar
Anna and Josh Duggar are featured in this photo from 19 Kids and Counting. It’s hard to see them now in the same light, wouldn’t you agree? (TLC)

This marks the first time we’ve reported on Josh Duggar in quite some time.

He was arrested and charged with possessing and receiving child pornography in April 2021 and then found guilty about six months later.

Last we heard, he had petitioned the Supreme Court in order to overturn his conviction.

We somehow doubt this petition will be successful, but we’ll be sure to update this website with whatever the outcome is in a few weeks or months.

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