Is Travis Kelce Going to Singapore For Taylor Swift’s Concerts?

Is Travis Kelce Going to Taylor Swift Singapore shows this weekend? He’s already missed quite a few!

The international leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is in full swing. So far, she’s hit Japan and Australia; now, she’s arrived in Singapore to bring six nights of incredible music to Southeast Asia.

With her football boyfriend’s season over, fans are asking the all important question: will he be at her shows in Singapore?

Taylor and Travis have been inseparable, but is he really expected to show at ALL of her concerts? ((Photo by Rich Fury/Dustin Satloff/Getty Images))

Is Travis Kelce Going to Singapore?

The short answer is: maybe:

On Tuesday February 26, Seletar Airport welcomed Taylor to Singapore. The superstar will be putting on six shows over two weekends in March and the fans are ridiculously excited.

She finished the first set of three shows this past weekend with no Travis in sight,.

That shouldn’t have come to a complete shock after there were no reports of Travis being on the plane with Taylor when she arrived a few days before.

Travis Kelce hits his tee shot on the 15th tee on Day Three of the 2023 American Century Championship at Edgewood in 2023. ((Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images))

Furthermore, in the days leading up her first weekend in Singapore, Travis was ween hitting up the Vegas club scene with Patrick Mahomes, before hitting the links with some golf buddies in Los Angeles.

But before you go and start judging poor Travis, you should know that during the actual days of Taylor’s concert dates, Kelce was doing some good!

Travis and and his brother Jason Kelce attended a fundraiser in Philadelphia Sunday March 3. It was a family’s event to raise money for cancer survivors after a young man named Brendan McDermott, 38, passed away on May 31 after losing his battle to colorectal cancer.

Travis’ Family Thinks He’ll Still Go

With all the said, Taylor still has 3 more concerts to before in Singapore that, as far as we know, Travis could make if his schedule is free.

His dad, Ed Kelce, even teased that his son was “keen” to see both Sydney and Singapore – and he did make it to Sydney!

“We spoke after the Super Bowl, and I asked him, ‘Are you going to take off for Sydney?’ And he seemed keen,” Ed, 72, told the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday, February 20. “He said he’d really like to see Sydney and Singapore, but he wasn’t sure because he has commitments.”

Travis Kelce hopping on a jet with his team in the 2023 season. ((Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images))

Clearly, an 18 hour fight to Asia from the West Coast is not out of the question. But will he have time to make it to the second set of shows?

Fans Find Clues Travis Is Headed To Singapore

You can always count on super fans to doing the sleuthing required to get to the bottom of a Traylor mystery!

In a subreddit discussing speculation on Travis’ travel plans, one commenter brought up the fact that there was no “New Heights” podcast  scheduled for the week of Taylor’s first Singapore shows.

Travis and his brother Jason host the podcast and usually posted weekly.

Now, as we well know now, he didn’t make the shows, but keeping an eye out this week, if the brothers don’t film again, could it be a sign he’s on his way to her?

Possible, but the truth of it all is, with Travis offseason schedule being so flexible – and the fact that he just got back from Australia after seeing Taylor’s Sydney shows – the guy might just need a break, a little R&R.

And speaking of breaks…

Taylor Swift performs onstage for the opening night of The Eras Tour on March 17, 2023. ((Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management))

Taylor Swift’s Upcoming Two Month Vacation

After Taylor wraps her shows in Singapore on March 9th, our girl gets to take a two month hiatus.


Her next tour date is for May 9th in Paris.

Granted, during that time, she’ll likely be working on promoting her next album, The Tortured Poets Department.

However, with Travis in the off-season and Taylor off the road, this might be the perfect time for a little less stressful quality time for the pair.

Why fly across the globe for her show, when soon enough, they’ll have all the time in the world together?

Not that we’re saying he shouldn’t; if he can make it, he 100% be in Singapore! Maybe she’ll make him pop tarts like last time!

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