Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant? Timothee Chalamet Fans Want To Know

Kylie Jenner pregnant with baby #3? Nothing is far fetched when it comes to this Karjenner!

When things started to take off between Kylie and Timothee Chalamet, may fans wondered just how serious things would get between the hot pair.

Or perhaps, how serious things are right NOW.

The rumor mill is churning at full speed the big question these days: is Kylie pregnant?

The familiar signs, fans point out, are all there.

Kylie Jenner attends the WSJ. Magazine 2023 Innovator Awards in November 2023. ((Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for WSJ. Magazine Innovators Awards))

Kylie Jenner Pregnant? The ‘Evidence’

Before things get too out of hand, let’s just say this: neither Kylie nor Timothee has announced they are expecting a child together.

That said, if they are, no one who is a true fan of Kylie would ever really expect her to.

For anyone who has beenfollowing Kylie’s over the years, they know that the youngest Karjenner likes to keep her pregnancies under wraps.

Indeed, in both cases of her first two kids, no one knew they existed until they were born!

So, since historically Kylie dropping off of the radar has meant one thing, fans started to get suspicious that something was up in fall 2023.

Reddit denizens launched a discussion of how Kylie’s Instagram patterns are suggesting that she could be pregnant. Because, after the first two pregnancies, the signs are all there.

“Kylie hasnt posted on insta for almost a month,” a redditor wrote at the time.

“Last post was on october 3rd and it was pictures from her paris trip the week before,” the OP continued.

“Theres been no new pictures since September 27th.”

Commenters were quick to point out that Kylie’s patterns of behavior — specifically, radio silence like this — has historically meant one thing: pregnancy.

One of the commenters quickly came out and said it: “Probably … hiding the bump with Timmy.”

Kylie’s Instagram Hiding Clues

Of course, now it’s months later, and Kylie has been very active on Instagram since then.

She’s posted sexy, belly baring bikini photos by the pool and glamour shots from red carpets. She’s promoting her new collaboration, Sprinter Vodka Soda, and even wore a spandex bodysuit to the launch party.

Yet, still some fans are no convinced. Scroll through the comment section and you’ll see accusations of content being “previously shot” and finger pointing to how many of the photos are from the chest up, not down.

And the thing is, Kylie herself doesn’t do anything to help quell the rumors. If anything, she loves to fuel the flames!

Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Announcement – Sort Of

Pregnancy talk hit a high in December 2023, when a baby bump photo on Kylie’s Insta stories sent people into a tizzy!

Timothée Chalamet attends the photocall for “Bones And All” on November 12, 2022 in Milan, Italy. (Photo Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

In a post promoting her new clothing line, Khy by Kylie Jenner, Kylie shared a photo of a clearly pregnant woman, baring her baby bump in a mirror selfie.

If one were to look very quickly, they could immediately guess that the person was Kylie in the picture!

As some people started to freak out, calmer heads prevailed and pointed out that the photo was actually of her friend and model Lauren Perez.

So, Kylie knows she has the power to troll all of us with pregnancy puns until such time that she’s ready to share.

Kissing time! Timothée Chalamet is smooching Kylie Jenner in this photo from the 2023 U.S. Open. (Photo Credit: Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner & Timothee Chalamet: How Serious Are They?

To start from the beginning (within reason), the world first learned of Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet’s entanglement back in March of this year.

That was a whopping seven months before she started to fade into the proverbial background. And it was long before the two were making brazen public appearances together.

Her fans who have picked up on signs of a possible pregnancy point out that he’d be the most likely candidate for the father — if Kylie really is pregnant.

Kylie Jenner’s Past Pregnancies

In 2017, the world learned that Kylie, Khloe, and Kim were all expecting. Kylie’s was the most shocking, as she was still a teenager. Ok, 19, but still.

As mentioned, Kylie did not say anything until early February, just days after Stormi Webster’s birth, when she released this video. There was some sort of big sports ball game that day, so some people didn’t see the announcement until hours later.

Turns out, getting pregnant so young wasn’t just a shock for fans; it was a shock for Kylie as well.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Magazine in 2023, Kylie admitted that her first pregnancy was a surprise while addressing rumors about how much work she’s had done.

“I’ve never touched my face, but just even getting my breasts done when I was 19 and getting pregnant soon after, [I was] not, obviously, planning to be pregnant at 19.”

But things carried on from there.

Remember, Kylie and Travis Scott had Stormi and then went on to, more recently, welcome Aire. (Yes, his name was initially Wolf)

Kylie and Travis officially broke up late last year. They remain coparents, but Kylie has spent much of this year meeting up with Timothee.

Only time will tell if Kylie and Timothee are expecting. But it’s possible that Kylie could go on an extended Instagram hiatus, or just post a bunch of (undeclared) throwbacks, in the near future.

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