Is Anna Duggar Still Married to Josh? Recent Updates

Is Anna Duggar still married to husband/ reality star Josh Duggar?

Even though Anna Duggar returned to social media at a time when most would either be filing for divorce or hiding (or both), fans and concerned citizens still have questions.

Josh is in prison where he belongs, serving out a sentence for possessing Child Sex Abuse Materials (CSAM). The reality star put so much effort into hiding his actions from his wife that he forgot that he was committing a federal crime.

IBLP rules say that Anna can’t divorce Josh, no matter what. But fans aren’t convinced that they remain married.

Now-disgraced criminal Josh Duggar sits beside wife Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.
Now-disgraced criminal Josh Duggar sits beside wife Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting. (Image Credit: TLC)

Josh Duggar is in prison, so is Anna Duggar free?

In April of 2021, federal authorities arrested Josh Duggar. Investigators had used sophisticated software, known as Torrential Downpour, to track Josh Duggar’s peer-to-peer downloads of horrific material.

Josh had avoided his wife’s creepy anti-porn software using a partitioned computer at work. Using the same technology that a normal person might use to obtain pornography or television shows, he accessed a collection of photos and video of child sexual abuse material.

The contents were illegal and horrific. Unfortunately, given the accusation that Josh’s sexually molested his own sisters when he was a teenager nearly two decades before the arrest, this revelation wasn’t as shocking to some.

Josh Duggar mugshot from April of 2021.
In this handout photo provided by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, former television personality on “19 Kids And Counting” Josh Duggar poses for a booking photo after his arrest April 29, 2021 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Duggar was reportedly arrested by federal agents and is being detained on a federal hold. (Photo Credit: Washington County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images)

Despite the offer of a plea deal, Josh allowed the October 2021 deadline to pass and proceeded to trial. Given his history, it makes sense that he felt that he would not face consequences. Fortunately, this time was different.

In December, a jury found Josh guilty of receiving and possessing CSAM. It was the end of an era for Josh.

Then, in May of 2022, the court sentenced Josh to 12 years in prison. While this will not undo the harm inflicted upon children for the amusement of evil men like Josh, it both gets Josh off of the street and serves as a warning to others.

A despondent looking Anna Duggar on TLC.
In 2015, grim truths about Josh Duggar came to light in the wake of his cheating scandal. Long-suffering wife Anna Duggar could have ended the marriage then … but that is not how the cult does things. (Image Credit: TLC)

Where did that leave Anna Duggar?

In the aftermath of Josh’s conviction, many Duggars released public statements. Anna Duggar, the “rebellious cousin,” published an open letter encouraging Josh’s wife Anna to divorce him.

Ever since Josh’s 2015 scandal — the scandal that doomed 19 Kids and Counting — even infamous fundamentalists have publicly spoken about how Anna might divorce Josh. It’s not that they suspect that she will, but they’ve noted that she would be right to do so.

Josh and Anna share seven children, four of whom will still be minor at the (likely) time of their father’s release from prison. Anna is now functionally a “single mom,” which is anathema in her fundamentalist community.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.
There was a time when TLC’s cameras caught Josh Duggar pretending to be an upstanding man and a good husband to Anna Duggar. Those were lies. (Image Credit: TLC)

For years, Anna has steadfastly remained Josh’s wife. Her upbringing pressures her to remain his dutiful wife no matter what.

Additionally, many believe that Anna largely depends upon the Duggar family — namely, upon Jim Bob — for financial support. All evidence points to her relying heavily upon her in-laws, as she herself has no real education and few work opportunities.

However, recent theories and alleged sources have claimed that Anna is preparing to leave Josh.

Is Anna Duggar tired of being married to Josh?

Obviously, we cannot confirm a YouTube vlogger’s account, or identify any alleged sources in order to determine how reliable the report may be.

But amidst Anna’s predicament and Josh’s crimes, some are hopeful that she has had enough time (and desperation) to think outside of her upbringing.

One interesting aspect of the report is that Anna (allegedly) met with a family law attorney. If the report is true, it could mean that she is laying the groundwork for divorce.

Josh Duggar in an ugly yellow polo shirt on 19 Kids and Counting.
During his time on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, Josh Duggar was hiding dark secrets. (Image Credit: TLC)

Another reason to wonder if Anna Duggar is still married to Josh (or will remain so for long) came at Josh’s recent birthday. According to OK!, the day after his March 3 birthday, Josh received a visit from family — his brother, Joseph, and brother-in-law, David Waller.

But Anna and her kids weren’t anywhere in sight. It’s always possible that she planned a separate visit, but not visiting her husband in prison could mean that she’s avoiding him while planning a divorce.

A lot of people would love to see Anna break free. Most want her to put her children ahead of the monster she married. But when it comes to hoping that devoted cultists see reason, hope often leads to disappointment. We’ll see.

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