His Marriage History With Marcia Harvey

Steve Harvey is a divorced man – twice over, in fact.

The Family Feud host is no stranger to ugly divorces and bitter, public battles. He isn’t immune to speculation and accusations about his current marriage.

In recent years, wild rumors have circulated about his relationship with Marjorie Harvey.

Is Steve headed towards divorce #3? Here’s what we know:

Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie Harvey in June of 2019.
Steve Harvey and Marjorie Elaine Harvey arrive at the WACO Theater Center’s 3rd Annual Wearable Art Gala at The Barker Hangar at Santa Monica Airport on June 1, 2019. (Photo Credit: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey Open Up On Divorce Rumors

Rumors have been circulating that claim that the famous yet controversial TV host and his wife split due to multiple affairs on her part.

According to these claims, Marjorie Harvey’s alleged cheating included both the couple’s bodyguard and their chef.

The same rumors claim that this hurtful (yet impressive) betrayal has led to Marjorie demanding a divorce settlement of $200 million from Steve.

Steve Harvey in October 2022.
Steve Harvey attends the second preseason NBA game between Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks at Etihad Arena on October 08, 2022. (Photo Credit: Francois Nel/Getty Images)

There are several problems with all of that. The least important of which may be that online estimates put Steve Harvey’s total net worth at around $200 million, which would make for a fairly lopsided divorce settlement.

In August of 2023, Steve Harvey appeared in person at the Atlanta business event, Invest Fest.

According to The LA Times, Steve Harvey quashed cheating and divorce rumors. And there’s even a video to go with it.

Steve Harvey wants everyone to know that he and Marjorie are ‘fine’

“I’m fine. Marjorie fine,” Steve Harvey declared to the crowd.

“I don’t know what y’all are doing, but find something else to do, ‘cause we fine. Lord, have mercy,” he remarked.

“Sometimes … you wanna respond, but I ain’t got no time for rumor and gossip,” Steve commented. “God been good to me. I’m still shining.”

Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie Harvey in 2016.
Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie pose before the Chanel 2017 Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection fashion show, on October 4, 2016. (Photo Credit: FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP via Getty Images)

Just weeks later, The Economic Times reported that Steve Harvey fired his social media manager.

Some quickly connected it to the divorce rumors, but the TV host explained that it was the result of an uncharacteristically negative Tweet from the account.

“My husband and I don’t usually stop to address all the foolishness and lies that have been spread about us,” Marjorie Harvey acknowledged on Instagram. “However to whom much is given much is required. I understand that with my platform comes some sort of responsibility to those that may not be as strong as we are.”

Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie Harvey in 2016.
Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey attend the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on December 20, 2015. (Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Steve Harvey Is Divorced – From His First Two Wives

Steve and Marjorie married in 2007. He has credited her with making him into a better person.

In 1996, he married Mary Harvey. Their marriage officially ended in December of 2005.

Before that, he married Marcia Harvey in 1981. They remained married until 1994.

Steve Harvey in December of 2019.
Steve Harvey speaks onstage during 2019 Miss Universe Pageant at Tyler Perry Studios on December 08, 2019. (Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Through three marriages, Steve Harvey has seven children — four biological and three by adoption. Three of his biological children were with his first wife, Marcia.

The two welcomed Brandi and Karli, twin daughters, on August 20 of 1982. Nine years later, on April 29, they welcomed their son, Broderick Harvey, Jr.

Steve Harvey is a very high-profile individual due to his career and success. His first wife, however, was not. As such, the reasons for their split were not immediately obvious.

Why did Steve Harvey get divorced from Marcia?

Not everything that happens in the ’90s remains in the ’90s. Marcia Harvey’s 2011 book, Marcia: Eyes to the Soul, reflected upon her years married to Steve.

The public has now come to understand that Steve’s career kept him busy, and the time away from them caused a strain that led to a divorce.

Court records show that Steve did not initially pay alimony or child-support to his ex-wife. After two years, Marcia went to court, where a judge forced the then-deadbeat to provide what he owed. Since then, Steve Harvey has patched things up with his ex-wife and with his children.

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