Garrison Brown Honored with Animal Shelter Donations

Honoring Garrison Brown is taking many forms, including a slew of donations to cat shelters and adoption centers.

Sister Wives fans are still reeling from the sudden and tragic death of Garrison Brown.

No one can simply bring comfort to his grieving family. But many fans have found a way to honor Garrison’s memory.

Garrison was a loving cat dad. And now, in his honor, donations are pouring in to a great cause from all over the world.

Garrison Brown receives hugs on Sister Wives.
On Sister Wives, Garrison Brown receives hugs from his loving siblings. (Image Credit: TLC)

Garrison Brown loved cats

All over his Instagram page, Robert “Garrison” Brown displayed his cat dad credentials.

Sister Wives fans have taken notice of his passion over the years. And, in the wake of his heartbreaking death by suicide, fans are honoring his memory.

TMZ reports that High County Humane has received more than $13,000 in donations in the week since Garrison’s passing. And that number continues to grow.

Garrison Brown and his mother, Janelle.
Garrison Brown and his mother, Janelle, on Sister Wives. (TLC/Youtube)

High Country Humane‘s Liz Olson confirmed to TMZ that she shared the donation news with Janelle Brown, who is grieving the loss of her son.

Janelle has also had an emotional reaction to fans’ generous donations. As any mourning mother would.

Garrison adopted three of his cats from High County Humane over the past two years. And that was only one of two places where Garrison had found his beloved cats — and one of two places that are receiving this surge of donations.

A dark mode screenshot of Janelle Brown's Instagram caption.
Janelle Brown took to her Instagram caption in mid March 2024 to share news of fan donations to High Country Humane in her late son’s honor. (Image Credit: Instagram)

This means so much to Janelle Brown

“I have been brought to tears again,” Janelle expressed on Instagram on Wednesday, March 13.

“I’m being told about everyone’s donations to @highcountryhumane @arkcatsanctuary in Garrison’s name,” she shared.

“Thank you all for your generosity. It means so much,” Janelle emphasized. “The cats he adopted from both agencies were so important to him. He loved being a cat dad.”

High Country Humane has launched an initiative in Garrison’s honor. The drive aims to help cats find forever homes through the month of March.

Adopting cats involves adoption fees. Right now, this money will cover these fees for feline adoptions.

Additionally, HCH reportedly plans to rename their cat adoption room as a tribute to Garrison. His love for cats, and the outpouring of support that fans have made, have touched the organization. They are planning a plaque unveiling at their 5-year anniversary celebration later this month.

Two organizations are benefiting from fan generosity

As we noted, High Country Humane is not the only recipient of these donations. Ark Cat Sancutary is also receiving hundreds of dollars from around the world, including people as far away as Australia and Scotland.

TMZ reports that Ark Cat Sanctuary’s Cat Roberts (not a nickname) may be able to stay open longer thanks to this generosity. The charity received $30k less in grant money than usual, but hopes to continue to care for cats.

These donations are changing lives. And they’re a beautiful way to honor Garrison’s legacy.

Garrison Brown on Sister Wives
Garrison Brown died by suicide at age 25. RIP. (Image Credit: TLC)

Anyone who has lost a child or sibling knows that nothing can make this better. The unexpected loss changes you in ways that you can’t imagine.

However, that doesn’t mean that donations in Garrison Brown’s memory aren’t helping. They’re making the world a better place, and it’s a meaningful tribute.

As for Garrison’s own cats, they’re in the care of his siblings. Many other cats need homes, however, and fan donations can make that happen.

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