Eldest Daughter Welcomes First Child!

Congratulations to newly minted grandma Katie Couric!

Over the years, the legendary journalist has updated fans on bad news and good news in her personal life.

Unlike some of her disgraced former peers, Couric remains well-respected. Her work has had a memorable impact upon the world.

Now, her daughter has given birth. That means that Katie Couric is officially a grandma!

Katie Couric in March of 2024.
Katie Couric walks onstage during the 2024 SXSW Conference and Festival at Austin Convention Center. (Photo Credit: Astrida Valigorsky/Getty Images)

Katie Couric is now officially a grandma!

On Sunday, March 24, Katie Couric took to her Instagram page to announce the news. Her daughter, Ellie Dobrosky, has just welcomed her first child.

“John Albert Dobrosky was born on his due date, Saturday, March 23rd at 8:23 am, just shy of seven pounds,” Couric began her caption.

“He will be called Jay in honor of his maternal grandfather,” she explained. “Albert is after Mark’s paternal grandfather.”

“Mom and Dad (Ellie and Mark) are over the moon (it was a full moon),” Katie Couric continued.

“I am thrilled to have my first grandchild,” she gushed.

Couric continued: Carrie can’t wait to be a cool Aunt and Molner is enjoying handing out cigars. We feel so blessed.”

A dark mode screenshot of Katie Couric's Instagram caption.
On Instagram, Katie Couric announced the March 23, 2024 birth of her first grandchild. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Proud grandma Katie Couric had even more to say

As the broadcast journalism legend took to her own website, she announced her plans to “enjoy every moment” of her newfound grandmother status.

“Witnessing your baby have a baby is wild,” she expressed. “Ellie had an easy pregnancy and took good care of herself.”

Couric affirmed: “I know she’s going to be a wonderful mother, and I know Mark will be a parent who is an equal partner. Jay was like that. It makes all the difference in the world.”

Katie Couric in February of 2024.
Katie Couric attends Women’s Image Network Awards at Saban Theatre on February 21, 2024. (Photo Credit: Unique Nicole/Getty Images)

In December of 2023, Katie Couric shared the news on social media.

In an Instagram video, she showed her daughter handing her a friendship bracelet. The simple piece of beaded jewelry was for her to wear to a Taylor Swift concert.

It turned out to be a pregnancy announcement (Taylor’s Version). Because the bracelet read “Granny to be.”

Katie Couric has two children

The broadcast legend welcomed Ellie in 1991 and Caroline in 1996. She had both children with her first husband, Jay Monahan.

She married Jay in 1989. He passed away in 1998. Well over a decade later, in 2014, Couric remarried to John Molner.

Ellie became engaged to Mark Doborsky back in February of 2019. The couple married two years later. Now, their little family is growing!

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