Blake Shelton Teases Return to ‘The Voice,’ Explains Why He Quit

Blake Shelton is discussing a possible return to The Voice.

That’s great news for fans. But viewers who enjoy all-important rotations of The Voice coaches may be less eager for him to return.

When Blake Shelton showed up at Coachella, it was to support Gwen Stefani. Her No Doubt reunion was one of the hottest acts at the annual music festival.

Truth be told, he doesn’t sound too eager to resume his coaching position. But he’s clearly not ruling out anything.

Blake Shelton in late February, 2024.
Blake Shelton performs onstage during day one for the Warner Music Nashville Lunch during CRS 2024 at Omni Nashville Hotel on February 28, 2024. (Photo Credit: Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Many people first learned of Blake Shelton by watching ‘The Voice’

Though Blake Shelton was already popular within the niche music genre of Country, his music has not broken into the mainstream. However, his name and face have.

Part of that is because of his famous wife, Gwen Stefani. But part of that is because of his longtime role as a coach on The Voice, starting with its premiere in 2011.

But Blake Shelton exited The Voice following Season 23. That means 23 consecutive seasons over 12 consecutive years.

Blake Shelton in the middle of January in 2024.
Blake Shelton attends “CMT Giants: Alabama” at The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts on January 17, 2024. (Photo Credit: Jason Davis/Getty Images)

Does Blake Shelton plan to return to ‘The Voice’ any time soon?

On Sunday, April 21, Blake Shelton spoke to Extra TV to admit that he has no official plans to return to his coaching role.

“I don’t ever plan on working at The Voice again,” he said.

However, he also has not ruled anything out. In fact, he offered a tease for what the future may bring.

Never say never!

“Who knows?” Blake Shelton then mused about a possible The Voice comeback. “That’s me sitting here as I say that right now.”

He fully admitted: “I can’t say I wouldn’t come by for a surprise appearance.”

A cameo comeback isn’t the same thing as a coaching position. He has positive memories of that high-paying gig, however.

Blake Shelton in October of 2022.
Blake Shelton attends the 2022 Matrix Awards at The Ziegfeld Ballroom on October 26, 2022. (Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

‘The Voice’ marks an important period in Blake Shelton’s life

“That show is the greatest and most important thing I’ve ever been a part of in my career,” he affirmed. “It changed my life.”

Not only did he introduce himself to new audience and rake in a colossal amount of money in the process, but he also met his wife on the show.

“When I left, I feel like I really left; we all love each other,” he emphasized of the team of coaches on The Voice. In other words, it was not a bitter parting.

Blake Shelton in May of 2023.
Blake Shelton attends his Star Ceremony on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame on May 12, 2023. (Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

So why did Blake Shelton leave ‘The Voice’ in the first place?

“I’ve done it for 23 seasons without missing a single season, you know?” Blake explained. “I know what you feel like, Pat Sajak!” Sajak hosted Wheel of Fortune for 41 years. Starting this autumn, the legendary Vanna White will co-host, unfortunately alongside Ryan Seacrest.

“Because that’s kind of how I was starting to feel,” Shelton admitted. “If you’re on back-to-back seasons, there’s really no time for any other thing, you know?”

He then reasoned: “If you didn’t want to have a family and a life that much you could do it, but something has to give. It was time for The Voice to be thing that gives.”

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