Are the OutDaughtered Stars Still Together?

We are just under one month out from the premiere of OutDaughtered Season 10.

We can’t say for certain just how this latest batch of episode will conclude.

But a number of TLC users feel as if they’ve seen enough.

They’ve witnessed the growing tension between spouses Danielle and Adam Busby and they can’t help but wonder: Are these two even a couple at this point?!?

OutDaughtered season 10 promo
The cast of OutDaughtered poses here for a poster. (TLC)

For those in need of a refresher, Danielle and Adam got married in 2006 and then welcomed their first child, Blake, in 2011.

In 2015, meanwhile?

Danielle gave birth to quintuplets.

Yes, we wrote quintuplets. That is FIVE children, you guys!

Say hello to OutDaughtered stars Danielle and Adam Busby. (TLC)

As you might expect, the couple landed a reality show as the result of such an unusual situation.

And as you also might expect, being the parents of six very young kids has taken its toll on Danielle and Adam, perhaps never more noticeably than thus far on Season 10.

On the new season, Danielle has been demanding more help from Adam around the house as the girls are growing up.

Due to conflicting schedules and even contrasting views on parenting in general, the husband and wife have never seem more distant.

“Something we’ve talked about in the past over and over again, things have gotten difficult,” Danielle said on a recent episode. “We are pulled in multiple different directions at multiple different times, and we just can’t keep up with it.”

The Busby family spends time together in this reality show scene. (TLC)

A major source of disagreement between Danielle and Adam at the moment appears to be whether or not to hire a nanny.

The latter has made it clear he doesn’t want an “extra hand” around the house, but the former has then told her husband he better “step up” and be of much greater assistance.

The fallout, at least in the eyes of the general public, has been disdain for Danielle that is rather akin to the criticism that came the way of Kate Gosselin way back in the day.

Viewers of this same cable network formerly believed that Kate was far too critical and far too controlling of her then-husband, Jon, when they had their own series on TLC that also centered around their very large family.

OutDaughtered stars Adam and Danielle strike a pose here with their kids. (TLC)

Wrote one social media user in response to what he/she saw on screen this season:

“Wake me up when we get a season of Adam finally living his truth.”

Added another:

“She’s a ‘default’ parent because she refuses to let Adam make any decisions. And when he sneaks one through she always disagrees. If it is not her way, it’s the wrong way.”

As most celebrity gossip followers know well, the pressure became too much for Kate and Jon Gosselin, who split up in 2010 and who still trash each other to this day.

Many observers are therefore keeping a close eye on Danielle and Adam Busby, very much afraid this romance will meet the same fate.

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